MemoryPedic Memory Pocket Ikea Size Mattress

£ 289.99

The MemoryPedic Memory Pocket European Size Mattress is a highly supportive sleep system with 1000 individually pocketed springs to evenly distribute and support your body weight as well as a layer of memory foam to contour to your body shape.In addition to the unique support system this mattress also features a velour dry-cleanable cover with anti-dust mite technology that is highly convenient. The material is hypoallergenic so perfect for anyone who is affected by allergies. Altogether the highly supportive nature of this mattress combined with these useful features make it both a luxury and practical purchase.The MemoryPedic Memory Pocket European Size Mattress comes in an European size to fit your continental bed frame.Please note: Spring count refers to a 5ft Kingsize model.

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